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FontAwesome 4 has been around a long time, and it’s…well, awesome! Remember their Kickstarter with those videos? Well FontAwesome 5 is out now, and as promised, it has some big improvements.


In a nutshell, Font Awesome is an icon font.

Think regular font, but instead of letters, you get icons.

This is the truly brilliant and game-changing part of the whole thing.

Icons were once a major pain when building a website. You could rarely find the right ones — especially if you needed more than a couple of them to be in the same style. (Ten icons with consistent designs? Forget about it!) And even if you did find them somehow, the quality wasn’t on par if you wanted to use the icons at different sizes. Long story short, to get the right icons, you needed to design them yourself.

Over time, things improved a little, with various icon packs sprouting up here and there (marketplaces, small sites). But that still wasn’t exactly perfect. Even with those sites, you still had to go out and look for icons on your own, instead of having some kind of easily accessible library.

This is where Font Awesome comes into play.

Once you hook your site up to Font Awesome, you can access every icon via a simple HTML tag. For example, to get this cool icon:

…all I need to do is use a piece of code like this:

Font Awesome will take it and convert it to a live icon. And you can really customize these icons, too. You can change the sizes, colors and shades — basically, you can do anything that’s achievable through CSS. As far as you’re aware, these icons behave just like any other font.

Font Awesome also gives you some unique stuff, such as the possibility to animate your icons. So, instead of a static version like this:

…you can get something like this:

And this can be done with any Font Awesome icon.


Just to use CDN as below:
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