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Impacts of rise in price of CPanel:-

It has been observed that with the sudden price change in cPanel, the entire web hosting community has got severely affected. The entire pricing model of the panel has been changed shifting from the idea of price per server to price per account model. Now the question arises that how exactly this price change has affected the community? Well, over a long period of time, majority people were indirectly dependent on cPanel for the management of their sites. cPanel was widely accepted due to its easy integration feature with all types of platforms, namely, Cloud Linux, Imunify 360, PHP Selector, etc. Moreover, the use of cPanel makes the site to run in a smooth and secured manner. Due to its easy integration ability, cPanel was largely accepted by the community as a rich in features, reliable and secured medium to run their sites.

With sudden price increase of cPanel, a drastic change was observed due to which a major backlash was faced by it in the entire web hosting community. Starting from the end users, providers of shared hosting services to the unmanaged service providers, nearly everyone agitated and later decided to switch to some other alternative available in order to escape this sudden price rise. The new price structure has actually led to involvement of extra efforts for all the service providers. They now need to put in more efforts and money to run the large number of accounts over a single server.

Who all are majorly affected?

Well, coming to the places where this sudden price rise is going to be the hardest hit is for the service providers who were into the field offering shared or reselling hosting servers to their clients. Apart from that, it has also impacted the licensed hosting service providers operating in the highly price sensitive areas like the Latin America, various South East Asian Countries and also India.

Old cPanel Prices

Inside Our Datacenter: Dedicated Servers $25 per month VPS $15.00 per month
Outside Our Datacenter: Dedicated Servers $34.95 per month VPS $15.95 per month

New cPanel Prices

Package Name: Admin Max Accounts: 5 VPS/Cloud Only $14.50 per month

Package Name: Pro Max Accounts: 30 VPS/Cloud Only $19.50 per month

Package Name: Plus Max Accounts: 50 VPS/Cloud Only $27.00 per month

Package Name: Premier Max Accounts: 100 VPS/Cloud/Metal/Dedicated $34.00 per month

Cost per account over 100: $.15

External License prices have not been set but we are considering matching the prices listed inside the cPanel Store.

Price increase is scheduled for September 1st, 2019.

If you are displeased with the proposed price increase, we can help seek alternative control panels that are comparable to cPanel

As you may already know, cPanel is the industry’s leading web hosting control panel, however, it isn’t a free one. cPanel provides a seamless user interface to administer a server or several sites, along with many other automation tools. They continuously are developing new tools that are based upon customer’s requests, all in an effort to achieve overall customer satisfaction on their quest to remain at the top of hosting control panels. Therefore cPanel should be the go to control panel for hosting companies in a shared hosting environment being that it is easy to integrate with billing systems like WHMCS or Host Billing to automate the service setups. On the flip side a major drawback to cPanel is that it can only be installed on either CentOS or RHEL based Operating Systems.

Below we have outlined a list of a few paid and free cPanel alternative control panels, that you can use to run your hosting business or to host your own sites.

1. Plesk Control Panel:

This is an alternative hosting control panel for cPanel, although owned by the same company. This is the second most used control panel in the hosting industry and can be integrated with billing systems like WHMCS. Another added advantage for Plesk is that it is versatile in both Linux and Windows Operating systems and can be used in different Linux flavors like CentOS, Ubuntu, etc. Plesk requires a license which comes with an associated cost. Plesk Licenses can be purchased from inside our control panel.

2. DirectAdmin:

The DirectAdmin control panel provides three levels of access: Admin, user, and reseller. While DirectAdmin may not have the abundance of features that we have come to expect from cPanel, it does provide an equally satisfying user experience and is definitely worth trying it out. InterServer provides a license for DirectAdmin, that you can purchase via the InterServer client portal. For a full list of its features, please visit their website here –

To install the DirectAdmin control panel on your server, visit our tips article here: (Link will be updated lather)

3. Webuzo/BreadBasket:

The Webuzo panel would be an alternative for cPanel, however, it only provides a single user level access. Only the administrator will have access to the control panel and can install a variety of 240 applications with a single click. This control panel is from the same developers of Softaculous, and for more information about this panel, please check our tips article here: (Link will be updated lather)

We hope that this article provides you with a variety of sustainable options that are comparable to cPanel, and for those who are on budget it’s important to know that you have options.

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